La Foret Groupe (The Forest Group) is a production and consultation warehouse created to help inspire and move people forward with their artistic careers practically, physically and mentally.

We specialize in writers, musicians and recording/touring artists and indeed anyone who has a passion to make the most out of creating something special with their lives and for those who want to move forward with this passion and vision.


David Bach - Former Vice President at Forefront Records, Universal Music Group/Capitol Records Nashville -

“World class songs, world class playing and world class production”

Through many years of experience in many various fields of the creative process, we know how easy it can be to lose focus and hope when it comes to realizing your ambitions. There are, however, many possibilities for getting out of life what you really want and deserve.

We are here to advise, produce, record, direct, contribute and help inspire you to climb your own personal ladder of success each day by understanding that almost anything is possible if you take the time, focus and follow some simple everyday steps.

With today's tools, the internet, computers and communication if used the 'right way' it is possible to take the next step up the ladder to personal success.

Are you ready to step outside the comfort zone ?


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Please note we only work with artists/composers that have original material not 'Tribute or Cover' bands/artists

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